Abortion is the best birth control method known.

The procedure is usually made by medication when performed within the first month because the man's gravy is still fluid. However, if the woman wait too long, the man's juice become like jelly steak. Consequently, the thing must be pumped out with an abortion vacuum.
Mom: Sweetie Darling! Did you gain some weight?

Girl: What!?! Oh no! I must be pregnant again!

Mom: That's okay sweet heart. I'll call your abortion Doctor for an appointment.

Girl: Thanks mom!

Mom: You're welcome, honey! Don't forget, you start working at 1AM tonight!

Girl: Okay!
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by Junkmouth September 18, 2008
Good clean fun for the whole family.
i had an abortion today!
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by echountrue October 12, 2007
A Right that only a woman has in some countries to kill her own unborn child as a matter of choice. If that same woman attempted to kill herself authorities would step in and save her from herself and place her under psychiatric care. (That makes sense) Some people would have you believe that abortion benefits society by relieving government of the cost of raising that child. This could be a true statement if you knew the future of that child (Maybe a Bill Gates). I wonder if those same people would rationalize the killing of handicapped & poor people who's situation we already know. Some people also can not see the difference between the death penalty and abortion. In one case the victim didn't do anything to deserve the punishment and in the other case the victim chose to take the life of someone else, therefore in his mind killing of another must be alright so the killing of him should be alright too. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and I'm not religious, just makes sense) So first admit abortion is killing and then say it's OK to kill your own child. At least be honest about your decision and the laws this country passes. As far as the act of masturbation being killing, you are leaving the cells to die but the last time I check the killing of sperm wasn't a crime. But by the way some Liberals think maybe they could find away to make those "evil men" pay for their actions. I'm sure if a woman did something like that there would some excuse like "I didn't know better" or "I couldn't help myself" or "It's my body, I'll do what I want". In ending I personally believe abortion should be used in self defense only (To stop the killing or suffering of the mother). In the case of rape, a D&C right after the crime should prevent the pregnancy. Whatever decisions you make in life please choose logic over emotion you'll be happier with your decisions.
I'm having an abortion because The Supreme Court said I could! I want to do what I want, not what's RIGHT.
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by CommonSense January 12, 2007
ok listen very closely... for all you pro lifers out there this may be hard to underrstand. you say the death sentence for a terrorist is right but who's the ones bombing a fucking clinic that can save womens lives? an abortion is terminating a pregnancy. its a fuckin cluster of cells ok get over it! it's the womans choice. it's not in the bible what life is. are you saying a bird has no soul but we do? whats so great about us? we fuck up everything!
suzie got an abortion because she and her embryo would die due to medical conditions

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by holoindustry August 08, 2008
An object that should go away, be removed or destroyed
A Baby, A Broken Computer, anything really.. "John your an abortion" "That computer is an abortion" "This game is an abortion"
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by Nofomg October 22, 2007
Something that is A WOMAN'S CHOICE, and NOBODY ELSE'S. Some crazy people think that it is "killing a baby", but a fetus is NOT a child, and if it was, it's STILL not your business to tell others what they can or cannot do with THEIR BODIES!! If YOU do not want an abortion, then DO NOT HAVE ONE, but do not tell me what to do with MY body or MY reproductive system. You don't see ANY of these so-called "Pro-Lifers" going out there and adopting any of these unwanted babies that are already here, especially if the baby isn't blond-haired, blue-eyed, and has any physical, mental, or emotional problems. Those unwanted, unloved kids are just shoved off on the government, and we ALL have to pay to take care of them, even though nobody wanted them. The people who appose abortion are the exact same freaks who want to shove their hateful Christian religion on EVERYONE ELSE, and force them to live by THEIR ideas of morality and right and wrong, never caring or even understanding that while they have the freedom to preach all their hate and they would go nuts if someone shut them up, they are doing the EXACT SAME THING to people who disagree with them, and trying to make others live by THEIR stupid, lame, so-called "Bible Morality". I will continue to have abortions if I wish to, and guess what? NONE OF YOU PRO-LIFERS CAN STOP ME! HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE APPLES?? HAAHAAAHAAAA!!!! MIND YOUR BUSINESS and get back to praying to your "Invisible Sky Wizard" and reading your "Big Book of Fairy Tales" and leave the NON-CRAZY people alone to make their OWN decisions. If YOU want to be a baby machine, that's YOUR DECISION, but it is NOT MINE. Oh, and just because you got pregnant does NOT make you stupid, irresponsible, or whatever. Sometimes people are RAPED, or their birth control fails, and they should NOT have to be saddled with a child they will hate, resent, and did not want and will never love.
"I've had two abortions because I was raped, and I would NEVER have a child I would hate, resent, and would not love, regardless of what some Religious Right nutjob tries to tell me."

"I will use my Constitutionally protected right to have an abortion and choose whatever I want with MY reproductive parts, no matter WHAT anyone says, so GET A LIFE, RELIGIOUS LUNATICS, and mind your OWN BUSINESS!!"

"I had 2 abortions, and if I got pregnant tomorrow, I would have another one, because I HATE KIDS and do NOT EVER want one."
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by Kaiserin November 04, 2006
when your having intercourse with a pregnant woman and you impale the fetus with your cock, causing the fetus to be pulled out after you blow a chunky load
Jim: hey terri, i thought you were pregnant.
Terri: well Jim, im not pregnant any more, my boyfriend gave me an abortion
Jim: thats fucked up.
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by 8==============D~~~~~~~ O: September 19, 2009
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