The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
a way to terminate a human being's life.

The joining of a man's sperm with a woman's egg, a zygote is formed, thus, the very first stage of a human being's life. All information is present at this stage for the human person to grow into an embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, child, teenager, and adult. There are not separate distinctions of the human species during its first stages of growth.
A rose's seed can only be a rose. That seed cannot be a fruit, vegetable, animal, or a human being. The rose's seed is the first stage of its life, although it doesn't look like a rose, all the information is contained within that seed for it to look like a rose. You cannot separate these into different species, because they are the same. From the moment of conception, the human life should be protected. The dead are buried and their wills are respected. Once a human life is created, there is no turning back. There is nothing in our power to make it un-human. Therefore, abortion is one way to terminate a human being's life.
by XgriouX February 12, 2007
1. A girl's way of being a slut without long-term consequences.
2. A way of saving a woman's life if she is medically unable to have the baby.
3. A way to prevent infertile couples from adopting.
1. Damn that girl is a slut, she got pregnant what, 8 times? And she don't have a single one.
2. It's sad, but if my mom didn't have an abortion, she wouldn't be here for my 18th birthday.
3. You can actually put babies up for adoption instead of killing them? Amazing!
by Jeremy T. from MHS October 19, 2006
The act of removing a fetus from the womb while the woman is still pregnant. It should definitely be legal, but that doesn't mean I approve of "Oh hey I'm pregnant again-time for an abortion." And after the first trimester, you should have a real reason other than "I'm not ready." Do that in the first trimester than, before the baby develops too much more.

Reasons for an abortion:



Failed contraceptive.

Simply not ready for parenthood, usually teens. I know a bunch of people are rolling their eyes around at this one, but think. They might have been stupid, but they could get just caught up in the moment that they aren't suddenly going to go "Holy crap, I gotta pull on all my clothes and run out and buy a condom-be back later, ok?" And then imagine that you're 15 years old, a whole life ahead of you, and the test reads positive. Yes, it's their fault, but do you have any idea what that would feel like? Just THINK.
Amy: "I'm not ready for parenthood...I can't do this. I think I need an abortion. It's what would be best."
by Dooodoodoodoo* February 26, 2010
The termination of a pregnancy unwanted for one reason or another. If necessary, should only be attempted by a licensed practitioner. Those who believe abortions should be fully legalized and readily available do not advocate "killing babies". They simply believe abortion should be a legal option for instances as rape, incest, or ectopic pregnancies. Abortion is not a good thing but sometimes is the only thing. It is also a matter of Freedom, which is supposed to be valued highly in nations such as the USA. If someone wants pleasure but doesn't want to be a parent , where is the freedom in forcing them to be one? What business is it of ours what people do in private as long as it is not harmful? Even more to the point, where's the Freedom in forcing a raped women to either raise a baby she never asked for and comes as a painful reminder of a terrible event or, after the bonding experience of giving birth, part ways with it? And, in cases of the latter, is it healthy for a baby to separated from his mother?

However, Freedom is two-way traffic. (That anyone can call themselves "Pro-Life" and support the US military action in Iraq is nonetheless mind-boggling.)

There is also some debate over who should have the right to decide to get an abortion. Ultimately, it should fall to the woman. It's her body. Still, it would be the decent thing to involve the father (provided he is not a rapist or perverted blood relative.)
Anna: Julia was recovering well from being raped but she just found she's pregnant and she's thinking about an abortion. It's a difficult decision for her to make.

Jane : Who can blame her? Why would she want to mother a baby she never asked for, forced onto her by some creep she doesn't even know by name? Wouldn't it be a terribly painful reminder of her being violated every time she looked at the child?

Anna: Yeah, I agree. Let's call her and tell her to make that appointment...
by The Thinker-Writer January 31, 2010
The act of killing a zygote. But what exactly is a zygote? " A cell that is the result of fertilization." Yes, one cell. Itch your arm: You just lost thousands of cells. How many cells are in an adult body? 100 trillion. Yes, trillion. You kill in war, death penalty, and hunt animals, but you can't kill one cell? By the way, a zygote CAN'T fell pain because it doesn't have any nerves. The earth is already WAY overpopulated: 3,000 starving african children (just children, not adults) die every day because they have no food to eat, and you want more? Why should we ruin a girl's life just because she got pregnant? Killing a fly hurts more that killing zygote, so stop saying that it hurts. If you eat meat, odds are you kill over 50 animals a year, why are zygotes any different? Yes, I'm a virgin, but that doesn't mean I hate any one who isn't.
Amy: (Crying) I have to get an abortion...
Jenny: SATAN!

Danny: But your dad's in the army, the guy who slept with your girlfriend got the death penalty, and your eating a chicken sandwich right now.
Jack: But thats different, because those things can fell it, and zygotes can't.
Danny: WTF???
by angelicawalker123 February 27, 2009
the greatest procedure ever invented.

is not killing, altough the dumbass rebublicans seem to think so even though they support death penalty.
Julia: Fuck i was at rave the other night and head unprotected sex with 18 guys
Lexy: Dude your gonna get pregnant again
Julia: SHit im gonna need another abortion
Lexy: YAY for abortions!
by Lovahh June 02, 2007
Diarrhea as a result of food baby. "The runs". Usually the result of greasy fast-food.
"I need to get to a delivery room before i abort this food fetus all over the lobby."

"I've been having abortions for weeks. Must be food baby poisoning."
by chandizl January 08, 2009
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