The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
The act of terminating human life, in its early developmental stage. Proponents of all abortions including non life threatening, non rape, and non incest related situations often believe that life that is yet to be born is worth less than life that has been born. This however is a logical fallacy. The logic goes something like this. Well its just a bunch of cells. It cannot think, it cannot feel, it cannot breathe, it cannot eat, its just a bunch of stuff till it comes out of the womb. However a careful examination of the scientific facts lead to a very different conclusion. From the point of conception, the union of the two haploid cells to form a diploid organism (haploid sperm and eggs are not organisms just means transferring heritable material (DNA) during sexual reproduction) complex cellular events begin that lead to the development of a human being.

This development is continuous and does not end simply when a baby is born, which conflicts with the notion that when a baby is born development is complete. There is no magical reason why a baby cannot be born fully capable of walking. However there are physiological reasons why this would not be a good thing. One, the over development of limbs within the womb would be so great that getting through the birth canal would be impossible and the human species would not be viable. In nature , other organisms are capable of locomotion within hours after birth (horses). Again, different physioligical requirements hence different developmental tasks during gestation within the womb.
To the second point that human life within the womb is incapable of utilization of sensory organs. This is true for the early points of development, however completely false for later portions of development within the womb. Well into the late first and through the rest of pregnancy a fragile human heart has begun to beat literally, and nerve cells have begun to send and receive signals from one another in response to their environment. Moreover many psychology studies have shown that babies within the womb are capable of recognizing the voice of their mothers before and after birth. This is hardly the sign of an organism that is incapable of the use of its sensory organs, in this case the sense of hearing.
I could go on and on. My major point is this. The 5-4 decision of Roe V. Wade was made during at least 40 years ago. In the realm of scientific knowledge, especially knowledge about human development and cellular biology the 1960s and seventies were the dark ages. We simply know so much more, and are only beginning to understand the full capability of early human life which many derisively call a "fetus" in order to con notate it's subhuman status. This is only the beginning of our understanding. The more we know about human life throughout its developmental stages, the more thought we will have to put into terminating it without just cause. Think about it. Pick up a biology book, a Development of the Nervous system book and enlighten yourself. You will find that what is happening in the womb is less like baking cookies in an oven, and more like building an international space station with the building blocks of life, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, and coordinating all the cells and tissues to work together as one seamless entity. Its complicated, and it should be respected. Thank you.
Katie wanted to fit into her wedding dress so she had an abortion.
by jackson5 November 09, 2007
Something that should never have to be done, if people knew how to use a fucking condom. Slip it over the head of the penis and roll it down the base. Your fuckbuddy can even help you do it if so desired. Some people are just whores and have unprotected sex without caring, and get dozens of abortions, whereas some situations are acceptable, such as a condom breaking or a contraceptive not working. As long as you TRIED to prevent pregnancy, its acceptable. However if you do it without thinking, its your fault for being a dumbass. Unexpected pregancies should not exist. If you have unprotected sex, EXPECT to get pregnant. Otherwise, shut the hell up. And maybe lrn2contracept. However, if you WANT to become pregnant at an early age, by all means go ahead, but do not complain about unexpected pregnancies, you dumb sluts.
Girl that just found out she was pregnant: "OMG, I just found out I'm pregnant.."
Someone else: "Did you use a condom or the pill or something?"
Girl: "No.."
Person: "Then wtf did you expect. Ya dumb bitch."
Girl: "Eh, I'm gonna get an abortion."
Person: "You wouldn't have to if you weren't so retarded."
by Deathspartan66 July 28, 2009
the removal of a unborn fetus and thus killing it. Personally, I do not support abortion because I think it is wrong and often used as birth control


I also believe that since I am a man, it is not my place to tell women how to live their lives. Although I personally may think what they are doing is wrong, it is not my place to make a law banning this. And no, dont say "but its your responsibilty because its murder!" its not actually murder, more depriving someone of a future life. And think about it for two seconds: if you outlaw abortion, women will still get abortions. TRUST ME ON THIS. They will simply go to dangerous back alley abortion clinics.
Although I do not support abortion, I do believe its the womans right to choose
by i wanna piss on you May 30, 2006
a sick, cruel way of killing an unborn child, usually because of couples being stupid and not waiting for marriage to have sex and something goes wrong
"Liberals are for abortion because they don't want any competition when it comes to whining and crying and throwing a fit."
by The Conservative Next Door March 30, 2010
The murder of an innocent baby
Lea aborted her child
"I had an abortion of my child."
by TheProtoss October 05, 2013
The killing of a baby before it leaves the womb. A major issue in America, that shouldn't even be legal.
Ashley had an abortion yesterday. She was scared to tell her parents she was pregnant.
by JediMasterGirl September 03, 2009
What right-wing republican dumbasses think is legalized murder.
republican- "Pray to stop abortion"
me- "Go preach at church"
by Jeff February 24, 2005

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