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The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
1. A bitch move done when because a woman or couple doesn't remember adoption is an option.

2. Murder only acceptable if it was rape or the mother might die.

3. The devil's way of getting infants because couples seem to forget condoms
1. girl: I had an abortion

guy: .... but there is an adoption center downtown.

2. Girl: i had to have an abortion

guy: you BITCH

Girl: you raped me and the baby would have killed me

guy: ....... well played

3.girl: I had an abortion because my idiot boyfriend forgot the condom

guy: the hell is a condom?
by Vegeta rules! February 10, 2014
Terminating of an unwanted pregnancy
Abortion is allowed and always should be because
-People make mistakes
-The potential baby is unwanted
-Its usually teens aborting:
-teens don't always have the responsibility
-teens don't always have the money
-teens don't always have the time
-No Abortion would ruin the parent(s)'s life and the child's life
-The women could have been raped and cannot be forced into keeping the baby
-It is unfair to have some one who doesn't want the baby to raise the baby
-Some argue that this is murder, but it is not because the POTENTIAL BABY/HUMAN is not a real human when it is conceived, it does not have thoughts for feelings, its rather a little more than a cell.
Becky got an abortion and was happy about it.
by DoesNotWantToArgue November 05, 2008
Terminating something that usually incomplete and/or unwanted.

In most cases, an abortion is terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Not because the mother wnats to kill the baby, but because she is not ready for a child, doesn't want a child, or some other reason.

Too many abortions have been carried out in back-alley clinics with unsafe methods and ignorant providers. Women have gotten terribly sick and died because of botched abortions.

A fetus has only been in the world for a few months while the mother has been in the world for years. Both would be missed should one of them die, but the mother would be leaving so much should she be lost.

Abortions, contrary to those who oppose it, actually does help children; it reduces the number of abused/neglected children; if the parents didn't want the baby and end up having it, they (the parents) would become frustrated by the fact that they had a child that they didn't intend to have, leading to neglect and abuse of the child. With abortion, the child won't have to endure the abuse.

Too many "oops" babies have been born and life made hard for the child and the parents; it's the contraceptive, abortion, or adoption.
Abortion must be accessible to all and be made safer so that women won't die or become sick from a botched or faulty abortion.
by Lorelili March 20, 2005
Murder of an unborn child, a project of the globalist/NWO depopulation agenda to reduce the world's population so the people left would be more easily controlled that is labeled as a "women's right" so people will approve of it. In fact, the founder of Planned Parenthood admitted that it is a eugenics program designed to reduce the "negro" (black) population. Due to the very sad majority of feminists/"pro choice" people in the US, if you call it that you get the hate of 99% of the people you know. Just look at how many thumbs down this has probably gotten by now.
Sheeple: It's my right to have an abortion.
Smart Person: Abortion is murder, a depopulation program, and should be illegal and have the same penalties as murdering a child outside of the womb.
by The Awakened July 15, 2012
I realize I'm only 15 and I don't know everything yet, but I do think I have the right to talk about abortion. I honestly don't agree with abortion. Some people don't think about the effects of their actions. They think that they can just say 'I don't want it so I’ll have an abortion.' And it is okay. But I’m sorry, that is not okay. YOU made the decision to have sex knowing that there was a chance you could get pregnant. Condoms bust and sometimes birth control doesn't work. If you don't want to risk it, don't have sex. Or get your tubes tied. A poor baby shouldn't have to die because you made the choice to have sex. And some people can’t have babies and others that can, take advantage if that situation. They don't realize how precious that life is. They don't realize the wonderful things it could have done if they didn't abort it. They think about themselves. And even if you can’t afford to have a baby, there is adoption. Killing a baby is just wrong. It did NOTHING to deserve to have its life taken away from it before it even gets a chance to breathe. Don’t want a baby? Don't have sex. That’s it.
Girl1: I can't afford to have this baby so I'll just have an abortion.
Girl2: Why not put it up for adoption?
by LaurenLane February 16, 2012
The act of terminating a pregnancy.

Many people like to paint abortion as evil and the eqivalent to murdering a fully-developed, conscious human being, which is a delusional argument.

People against abortion are usually religious conservatives that argue that life begins when sperm meets egg. They also argue that every life is predetermined by a higher power, which is a flawed argument because it's really easy to get somebody pregnant, and it was origanally made that way to insure the survival of a species. Once the baby is born, "pro-lifers" then don't care what happens to the child. Most "pro-lifers" don't adopt unwanted children or give money to orphanages. And ironically many "pro-lifers" support unnecessary war, the death penalty, hunting animals for fun and sport, and murdering people on religious grounds. Also a minority of "pro-lifers" take it to an extreme level and bomb abortion clinics and murder abortion clinic doctors and employees.

I'll always maintain the opinion that only the woman carrying the child should be able to choose if she wants to carry the baby to term or not, but I don't think abortion is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. With so many kids in orphanges and a world population of 6.5 billion, and millions of starving people, abortion helps control population, since some people are too stupid to not wear a condom.

One has to ask if people just suddenly stopped having abortions, what would happen to the extra 40 million babies that would be born worldwide each year? This is something "pro-lifers" don't think about.
Whether to have or not have an abortion should be only up to the woman carrying the fetus to decide, not some 80 year old male politicians or the religious fundies.
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009
the removal of a unborn fetus and thus killing it. Personally, I do not support abortion because I think it is wrong and often used as birth control


I also believe that since I am a man, it is not my place to tell women how to live their lives. Although I personally may think what they are doing is wrong, it is not my place to make a law banning this. And no, dont say "but its your responsibilty because its murder!" its not actually murder, more depriving someone of a future life. And think about it for two seconds: if you outlaw abortion, women will still get abortions. TRUST ME ON THIS. They will simply go to dangerous back alley abortion clinics.
Although I do not support abortion, I do believe its the womans right to choose
by i wanna piss on you May 30, 2006