The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
n. (a-bor-shun)
1. a fancy was of saying murder, that left wing liberals fight desperately for to protect the women who become pregnant and suddenly decide that they want to murder the children growing inside of them (are you telling me that they didnt know when they had it?)
2. the second halocaust, killing millions of innocent children who will not live one day of their lives or say I love you to their parents to be who murder them
the nazi's killed 6 million innocent jews. abortion has killed 8 times that amount
by praying for the innocent March 04, 2005
MURDER murder:death of an unborn, but living, baby by someone else's inability to judge right from wrong
(also causes depression in women)
by Amilia Black February 28, 2005
Killing an unborn child that was most likely your fault. 1 in every 4 babies are killed by abortion. By the time a woman decides to have a baby that baby can feel pain.the baby is not a part of the woman because as soon as he is concieved, he is a separate human being. and just because that baby cant speak fom himself yet, he has no say in whether or not his brains should be sucked out of his skull.I understand that there are women who get pregnant from rape, but that is very rare because someone who is forcibly being sexed will be way too tense to concieve. and even if they do, there is adoption. couples in america wait as long as seven years to adopt a baby because they cant concieve. and dont you even tell me overpopulation is a problem. it isnt.
woman:hey baby? wanna have your brains sucked out by abortion?
baby: no comment
woman: then yes it is!
by GloverDawg December 20, 2005
Abortion is the act of termiating a fetus before it reaches birth.
Abortion is appropriate in cases such as teenage pregnancy, incest, rape, and inner city mothers who can't afford a child.
Regardless of whether you support abortion morally/religiously, abortion should be legal because it's not the government's job to tell you what's moral and what's not.
If you want a theocracy, move to Saudi Arabia.
Too bad George Bush's parents didn't get an abortion.
by colored girl. August 26, 2006
Abortion is right because:

Killing helpless babies is comletely natural and a normal thing to do. After all, if something is inconvenient, kill it!

If the baby is born, you won't know what to do with it. There is no such thing as adoption.

It is the baby's fault for you getting pregnant. This is why you have every right to kill him/her. ITS THE BABY'S FAULT!

It would be utterly horrbile to carry a baby for 9 months that you didn't want. Why should you give your baby a chance at life?

Murder is a beautiful thing! And its morally right!

Babies have no purpose in this world. All of them should be exterminated.

Seriously though, babies are helpless and innocent. And for the people that think that the babies aren't techincally "alive" yet. In the first trimester of prenancy, that child has a heartbeat and it can move its tiny arms and legs. That is, until its tiny body is brutally taken out of the woman's womb and killed. If we were at all humane, we would at least inject a painkiller inside the child before murdering it.

Abortion is legalized murder.
by fdsklfaljalk July 15, 2006
Killing an unbord fetus. 99percent of the time its when a woman has been knocked up becuase shes a whore, then too retarted or lazy or both to actually have a baby, and all this bullshit about how its better than it being raised unproperly...ya right they could just give it up to adoption..never have to worry about it again...he/she will be adopted and most likely live a good life. Besides the fact that they know they were an accident..and their mom was a whore but atleast had the decency to go through with the pregnancy. And all this bullshit about a womans right to choose..ok you can choose to kill the baby..but just like anyone else who chooses to kill someone for their own should be locked up. And how incredibly selfish and unhuman can you be too abort a baby because he/she is going to have a disablility. Unbelievable....ask anyone with downsyndrome or anything whether they would have rather never been born..i gurantee you they will say no id way rather live. Its the parents that are embarresed and only concerned with themselves and thier images that use the whole my kids gonna be a retard skit. There should be a law saying UNLESS the mother or the baby is endanger of dying or being seriously hurt by the operation..or a PROVED rape has occured...abortion is illegal.
Signed: a hippy
Maria: Its my body ill do what i want
Me:Fuck you,chances are you were considered for abortion.
by Notme September 22, 2005
The murder of a helpless, voiceless, innocent baby. Usually because the mother screwed around and didn't care, thus deciding to kill her child. This is legal in the US sadly...
Irresponsible Terri decided to have an abortion because she didn't care about the sanctity of her child's life.
by AlabamaLlama May 03, 2005

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