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A power couple made up of a preppie guy wearing abercrombie and fitch and his girlfriend who is supermodel good looking and stuck up so high planes have to avoid her and they won't even acknolodge you exist.
Hey, there goes abercrombie and bitch!
by flacker October 10, 2004
(slang) Offensive name given to one of the major stores on brand whore lane.
Mary: Did you see his shirt?

Lily: Yeah, he got it at Abercrombie & Bitch.
by Ms. Bitch April 22, 2008
People who wear abercrobie and fitch and are stuck up, or act like they own everyone, or anyone. Aplys to holister and ALL other preppy brands. Should NOT TECNICALLY be called preps but they are almost a combination of jocks, blonds, and yuppies.
Preps, zombies, and jocks.

Look at that prep, they are short, weak and for a Fire-crotch they should be wearing flame retardant pants, not Abercrombie & Bitch pants with holes! AHHH!! NASTY STUPID ASS OF FIRE!

the Abercrombie and Fitch magazine WAS FILLED with porn but then it was taken... thank god.

It is better to show your product on more than 43% of your magazine. If that 43% was the lowest passing percent in a test for magazines, then the Abercrombie and Fitch magazizne would fail.
by Kissmyfuzzystuff February 02, 2006
skinny bitch that shops at abercrombie and fitch. :)
'look at that abercrombie & bitch .'
by courtneyyy ! January 14, 2009
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