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Bipolar/ mood swing-y girl/ just a bitch who constantly wears abercrombie/ american eagle/ polo
1: I can't believe we only met 5 minutes ago, marry me!
2: No, i won't i've only known you for 3 days
1: Why do you take things so quickly, why would I marry you, you could be a dipshit! We're like so totally over!
2: You're a frickin' abercrombie and bitch!
by B to the Rizzle February 28, 2007
When a girl lays down on a surfboard naked, puts her legs behind her head, and a guy, wearing only a scarf, sits on her head so she plays with his loosechange, and he puts his penis in her pussy. Also, the guy must look like he isn't satisfied.
Bob: Did you hear about John and Betty?
Fred: Ya, they got together last night!
Bob: Not only that, he made her his abercrombie and Bitch!
by Nick Salcedo November 10, 2009
What gay boys say when something shocks them.
Heard in the movie Another Gay Movie.
"Oh my god! Abercrombie and BITCH!"
by Piglin February 18, 2008