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Arguably the best actor of this millenium.

Has appeared on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien on numerous occasions.
Abe Vigoda is my hero.
by Sheik Yerbouti August 27, 2005
Still alive and kickin' ass!
That Abe Vigoda, he can make Chuck Norris ask for mercy and offer oral sex. But Abe Vigoda is to cool to accept that.
by Lord-z August 21, 2008
Actor who played Fish on the TV show Barney Miller. He's most famous, however, for being falsely reported dead in the 1980s, but is still alive as of 2008. He seems to be immortal.
Abe Vigoda will go when the Earth itself does!
by spoonorca May 17, 2008
Similar to an Abe Lincoln, but directed at the eyebrow region. (To be employed specifically on those women that pluck/wax/shave all of their eyebrows off, then draw a creepy thin line back on with pencil.) While unsuspecting girl is asleep/passed out, ejaculate on her eyebrow/forehead region and sprinkle previously collected pubic hair on so that her eyebrows now resemble that of the well-known actor Abe Vigoda
"Remember that waitress with the creepy penciled-on eyebrows? I took her out, got her good and drunk and...let's just say that before I snuck out of her apartment, I gave her an Abe Vigoda."
by assbucket April 26, 2009
Verb To use an Abe Vigoda-shaped dildo into a woman's vagina (more specifically the clit).
Hey dear, do you mind if I give you and Abe Vigoda.
by a future teacher September 22, 2006
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