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A combination sex act/pickpocket move in which you get a mark drunk enough to fist your asshole without removing his/her jewelry. Then, using muscles that have taken years to train, you steal the mark's watch/bracelet/rings. As soon as you have the desired items stowed away, you create a distraction like squirting a little liquid shit on the mark's forearm. While they rush to the bathroom to clean up, you get dressed, say that you're not feeing well, apologize and leave.
You: So, did you and that girl hookup last night?
Friend: She pulled a Kansas City Pocket Watch on me, bro!
You: No way!
Friend: Man, that was a $3500 watch and I'll miss it, but bro, that pinky ring belonged to my grandfather!
by assbucket July 04, 2013
Similar to an Abe Lincoln, but directed at the eyebrow region. (To be employed specifically on those women that pluck/wax/shave all of their eyebrows off, then draw a creepy thin line back on with pencil.) While unsuspecting girl is asleep/passed out, ejaculate on her eyebrow/forehead region and sprinkle previously collected pubic hair on so that her eyebrows now resemble that of the well-known actor Abe Vigoda
"Remember that waitress with the creepy penciled-on eyebrows? I took her out, got her good and drunk and...let's just say that before I snuck out of her apartment, I gave her an Abe Vigoda."
by assbucket April 26, 2009
a gay bar, gay-latin-cowboy-club or other gathering place for gay men
Q:I need a beer...wanna check out that place next door?

A:Nah man, I heard that place was a faggot camp.

Q:You mean a gay bar?

A:Yeah man, I ain't goin' in there.
by assbucket September 02, 2009

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