A bitchy girl
She switches best friends faster than you can take a piss
Is super fake girl

Isn't a kind or caring person
Lies all the time to everyone and calls everyone gorgeous

Has a big head and thinks she's the hottest bitch alive.
Wow, Abbey's a bitch

She's going to lose all her friends, if she keeps acting like an Abbey
by dumbydumbdumb December 15, 2012
Abbeys are tall and stringy with long limbs representing an akward tree. They are clumsy, forgetful, and just downright unathletic in every way imaginable. Abbeys are extremely abnormal and odd. They have strange facial expressions and often use thier middle fingers instead of their pointer fingers. They are book obssesed and not very bright. Although they are execptionaly akward they are good friends.
"Look at that girl she fell AGAIN!!" "Yepp shes an Abbey alright."
by theakwardplants August 26, 2011
A Snobby bitch who gets anything and everything she wants.She normally has brown hair.She walks around the school like she owns everything. This girl is not to pretty and looks like a straight up rat.Flat all around girl. She gets extensions to (Make) her look pretty.This girl is two faced.Shes a cheater and a slut a big whore. Walks up to random guys and kisses them.She will get her best friends dad on you thats a cop. She is FAKE.She lives in a small town , witch is why she acts like this.lol
by Rheagan Jeter September 04, 2011
a drunk, hung-over bitch
Wow, I never want to be an Abbey.
by aswoopppp July 21, 2010
A person who shags 2 people in the course of 1 day, tom jowit and alex walker and befor this tosses matti johnson off just hours befor
Sam: did u hear about that abbey?
Denny: yeah discustin init
by Samuelhughes June 29, 2009
A girl who is a chicken.
That girl abbey is such a chicken.
by Zack maguire November 16, 2008

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