A girl who is like sometimes very rude to you, but can actually be your best friend. That is until she crushes every childhood dream you ever had. She is now a bitch who talks bad about you behind your back, but still acts like your friend. She has anger managment issues. When you're around her you just want to scream.
Girl 1: OMG It's Abbey
Girl 2: (*screams*)
by dancinglilypad815 April 09, 2016
the term "ab" meaning abdominal muscles "abs" and the term "bey" derives from the Greek mythology word "8"

"ab-bey" - "abs-8" or "8 abs"
hey do you have an abbey?
by didn't you notice? May 21, 2013
perfect sized caucasion girl. becomes hott as hell within highschool, why cant i get myself an abbey, girl every boy wants but can't have. poularity, usually likes the wrong type of guy. goes out with the varsity football captain, usually known as "whore" sleeps with everyman in the tristate area
oh there goes another abbey in my life

you pulled an abbey and slept with the whole junoir swim team

abbey is coming this way!!
by horny4387t54543 January 12, 2009
A concided, stuck-up pretty girl, Abbeys are usually blonde with brown eyes. Proud-hearted, they're hard to reach. Rarely give their heart away, they're even harder to seduce. If you manage to catch an Abbey- Good luck!!!
Guy 1: Abbey is so hot and so cool
Guy 2: are you serious? She's a brat!
Abbey: Shut up losers!

Guy 2: See?
Guy 1: *drools*
by CocoaSugar February 11, 2014
A beautiful blonde girl. She's always dating somebody new whenever I fall in love with her, again, and again. I wish I could show her how much I care for her and need her. And how much she needs me. :/
Why are you dating him now? Give me a chance Abbey!
by You don't like rootbeer floats September 04, 2011
a blonde slut who will date anyone and everyone, will jump into anyones pants at any time and is an attention seeker
abbey eww omg go away
by TheREALIST March 04, 2015
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