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Abbeys are always the prettiest girls in the room. They don't see their beauty, and they are very insecure. They are extremely intelligent and witty. Abbeys are hilarious. They make sexual jokes that only their friends understand. They have great comebacks. They stand up for themselves and the people they love. Abbeys tend to stay away from large crowds, they like to keep to themselves. If an Abbey lets you into her heart, consider yourself very lucky, they don't let people in very easily. They have great taste in music and will watch any movie you play for them. Abbeys love to cuddle, especially with their boyfriend or girlfriend. They need to feel loved and needed. If an Abbey lets you into her life, never let her go. She is the best thing that could ever happen to you.
Wow, Abbey is so beautiful.

Abbey is the best thing that ever happened to me, I'll never let her go.
by Lala land machine June 14, 2013
65 10
A very cool girl, often in some trouble. Her feelings are obvious (you can tell by her facial expression) Often Abbeys have trouble forgiving and forgetting, yet they can definitely play it cool. Dark Hair, with Light Skin. Falls for a lot of jerks, then she is heartbroken. She is a great friend but make sure your on her good side, or she can make you miserable. She is noted for her extreme humor, wherever she is, you can find an Abbey Laughing. She is an amazing and loyal friend and she can keep any secret. She is also a very nice girl with a special power to make up laugh. :) if you are sad, you need an Abbey around you. She can make your day with her beautiful smile. Abbey is a super fun girl! All the boys want to date her, but she is afraid of getting hurt like once before.
Girl 1: Im so sad... ;(
Girl 2: OMG then I'll go get abbey! She will help you.

Guy 1: Wow I wish I had Abbey with me, she is so fun.

Guy 2: I know.. She is awesome.
by Girlwithname March 21, 2013
74 19
Usually tall and beautiful. white with dark hair, tans amazingly, veryy good in bed, may be a whore, but heyyy whats wrong with getting laid!! As a adventurous and perfect life. Many may find themselfs very jelous when around her. You will fll in love with her just after 5 min of meetingg her. will want her in your life. Shes DOWN!
OMG look at abbey today she is gorgeous

wow i wish i was abbey

michelle and caryyn are sooo minly and ugly its said how bad they wish they were abbey
by htesyeastanddyke2 July 19, 2009
353 299
Abbey: the girl that all girls strive to be. The girl that all guys strive to get. She's exquisitely beautiful. But she has a hard time making herself believe it sometimes. She's as humble a person as you'll ever meet. She's all you will ever need. Show her love and she will trust you. Show her respect and correct affection and she will love you. Once you have an abbey don't ever lose her. She's a dream girl. Where she smiles, there are no more troubles. Where she laughs, all worries disappear. Where she cries, is on your shoulder. And where she loves, nothing else is needed. So listen up punks. Treat this woman like she deserves. Never let a moment pass without making sure she knows you care. Take care of her. And she will take care of you

she needs you and you sure as hell need her.
Abbey, the girl so beautiful it makes you afraid to approach.
by Lover💛Boy June 03, 2013
25 2
girl with a fighting fire inside . she is mean tempered but can be sweet to those she actually likes. she is very smart and wise . she has brown hair and eyes. she can make people laugh and is someone that you will not forget easily. if bothered she will hit you and is extremely ticklish . but she is a great person who also loves books and loves school and animals . she is a caring person .
I need someone to talk to . i know ill call abbey.
19 0
A cute blonde who is nice, she can be a little fierce at times but still cute and sexy as hell.
Wow she is HOT her name is abbey
by bred and butter February 19, 2013
35 19
An Abbey is a special girl. She's As gorgeous on the inside as is on the outside and is so kind and loving towards others. Great body, Perfect hair, and She's the queen bee that everyone loves and thinks highly of, no matter what the haters say. She is loyal to her many friends and would kick anyone's ass for them! This badass is the life of the party. She's quite romantic and a GREAT kisser! She's a real catch. So if you ever catch an Abbey, don't let her go.
Boy- Damn, I gotta take Abbey out sometime!! She be lookin FINEEEE!!

Girl- Abbey is at the top of the invite list for my party!! If she comes, I bet more people will want to come too!!
by Powerpuff101 July 05, 2013
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