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when you exceed the compacity of a toilet with shit and/or shit paper, can't flush anymore at the risk of taking on water you must evacuate to the next stall over to finsh the wipe sesh.
i had too much general tso's and had to abandon ship!! on that shit.
by jcaviston June 19, 2008
when the girl is on top and the guy is about to come and they're having unprotected sex.
"ohhh i feel like coming, ABANDON SHIP!"

{girl jumps off}
by a girl0621 January 19, 2007
a horribly wrong relationship, in which one of the people involved should get out very soon

"I sat by Stacy in art class today. Did you see her new bf? He's a big dude brah, who listens to terrible music. He said he didn't like arcade fire, in his ironic gangsta talk."

"That's not a relationship, that's an abandon-ship."
by jake ryan under the tree March 27, 2009
the cowardly practice of taking the first lifeboat to shore while your fellow statesmen stay behind to bail water and repair the hole you shot in the boat
SHE: What are you doing laying on the beach while your ship goes down?

HE: We don't want to be associated with that sinking ship

SHE: So you think abandon-ship is better than statesmanship...?

by op_position February 28, 2011
You are having sex and just before you are about to bust a nut, you pull out your pee pee from the nice tight vagina and try to stick it in her mouth... Surprised, she says hell no and you clench your penis hard and yell ABANDON SHIP!!! Then you bust your nut all over her belly and wonder why she wouldn't let you stick your johnny inside her mouth...
The definition explains it all... Abandon SHIP
by Himay toktoktok April 27, 2011
<abandonship_user> aS ftw! obv
<irc_user1> i chill in #therevolution and #lame.
<irc_user2> u fgt
<irc_user2> aS ftw! obv
<irc_user2> /ignore irc_user1

abandonship ftw!
by omggz September 25, 2006
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