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An expression used when a girl finds something absolutely cute from a cute puppy on the road to a guy knelt down proposing to her.
And number of A's between the first letter A and the last letter W can be infinite based on the cuteness of the subject the girl/boy sees. (mostly girls, guys use it only to impress the girl he's trying to hit on)
Aaw, that doll's soo cute! =)
#aaw #awe #awesome #cute #aaaaw
by Pattygal November 12, 2011
Acronym for AnimeArtistWannabe
synonym for: hawt and sexy, drool-worthy
OMG, that chick over there is so A.A.W.
by Ryan March 30, 2005
At Another Website
(while IM-ing)

jessica786: Hey wats u up2?
jessica786: are u ther??!?
Zoey143: sry i was AAW
#aaw #a.a.w #aaws #afk #brb
by sp33dspeed March 03, 2009
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