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A sex act named after a filthy internet porn clip where a black man fucks a girl while his testicles are inside her asshole. Two other black men subsequently jerk off while uttering the words "Aww Nigga" in response.
I pulled an "aww nigga" on that nasty bitch.
#double penitration #nutsack #dick #nigga #crazy
by crashngdog27 May 02, 2007
A porno video had a black porn star named Tony Eveready double penetrate a white woman named Alisha Angel by placing his balls in her ass and his dick in her pussy. Throughout the video, other black men are screaming "Aww Nigga". This could be used to describe when you get totally owned by something, or when you expect to do well at something.
Yo, I just got Aww Niggaed by Finance.

I'm gonna Aww Nigga this test.

You just got Aww Niggaed.
#dp #balls #ownage #pwned #black #slut
by rembrandt q. einstein February 23, 2008
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