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An expression used when you see, hear or feel something very gross, disgusting or foul.
Eew! That dress is so dirty!
#very gross #disgusting #foul #gross #bad
by Pattygal November 12, 2011
An expression used when a girl finds something absolutely cute from a cute puppy on the road to a guy knelt down proposing to her.
And number of A's between the first letter A and the last letter W can be infinite based on the cuteness of the subject the girl/boy sees. (mostly girls, guys use it only to impress the girl he's trying to hit on)
Aaw, that doll's soo cute! =)
#aaw #awe #awesome #cute #aaaaw
by Pattygal November 12, 2011
Udupi is the name of a district in Karnataka near Mangalore. Its also known as the city of temples. It has many water bodies around. Many beaches, rivers etc.,
Its a serene place to live in.
Lets go visit Krishna Mutt in Udupi!
#udupi #udipi #krishna mutt #malpe beach #manipal
by Pattygal November 12, 2011
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