Aaliyah is a beautiful woman, one that will make your head turn and have you staring at her for an eternity. A smart and wise girl as well, she can tell if you like her (and will finish your sentence when you proceed to tell her how you feel). Very funny and different from the rest, that's what makes her attractive, aside from her beauty. She might have a past or a history, that's what makes her who she is. She's the kind of girl you want to marry, and spend the rest of your life with, because the relationship you have with her is so great and amazing. A girl you can hold and kiss all day, you better keep her and prove your worth or else some other man will.
Malcolm: Yo, I know Aaliyah and I are great friends, but I really want for us to be more than that....I think I love her.

Sam: Yeah, you and her are always making fun of each other or having a lot of fun, that's amazing. Do you really care for her?

Malcolm: Yeah, I really do. I want to show her, but I feel like I can't. She has that history with that other guy, but I just know he can't do it like I can.

Sam: Show her then; prove your worth.
by ADallasCowboy October 29, 2012
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She was one of the best singers and also most beautiful girl ever but then it all ended by her tragic death on a plane crash. she will always be on everyone's heart and unlike britney spears she sang real music. if she would be alive she would kick all those fake ass bitches ass like Britney spears.
If Aaliyah would be here no fake ass bitch would stand a chance against her!!!!!!!!1
by La Baby Girl February 25, 2005
beautiful angel who has left us
a singer that died due to a horrific plane crash.
by iM sO fAbOlOuS March 17, 2005
A really talented person. Known for hits like 'One In A Million', 'Try Again', 'More Than A Woman'. You should buy everysingle Aaliyah album out. Its better than most of the crap out today!!!!!!!
Aaliyah is the best!!!!!!1
by Abubakar February 28, 2005
A beautiful soul with a voice of a hummingbird
That one april day..when Aaliyah went away.....
by RAPSTER_GURL November 08, 2005
An actual REAL singer, a beautiful kindhearted person who tragically died in a plane crash. She is the only artist I know of where I like every single one of her songs I have ever heard. She can actually sing, and she sings about real things not like today. Also she looks like a real person, not all computerized. She also looks like a 'real' person, like someone you can talk to.
Aaliyah songs are amazing.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
A R&B diva who died in a airplane crash on August 25 2001 because the pilot was drunk and on coke, the bastard.
Never get drunk or stoned in Hollywood, you might end up killing a celebrity. Remember Aaliyah.
by chocolate box July 22, 2006
tha nicest singer and the most beautiful gurl in the world
aaliyah a.k.a Baby Gurl we miss you
by klatoba September 08, 2006

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