The most amazing girl ever who is really nice to her boyfriend and is the best bestie ever. She is really cool and pretty and she loves to be around people. If u meet an Aaliyah, become friends with her because she is awesome in every way :) She is the bestest friend anyone could ask for!!!
Aaliyah is SO cool
by LOLOL HA LOL HA March 19, 2013
An Aaliyah is a beautiful, sweet, and caring kind of girl. She is always willing to do things to help others. An Aaliyah is a type of girl you should date. She is always there for whoever needs her and she can't really hold a grudge for long. If you find an Aaliyah keep her forever.
Person 1: there's this girl and I really like her and she is really pretty and funny but idk how to ask her out...
Person 2: well I'm guessing her name is Aaliyah and ask her out in a sweet and caring way, she likes that.
by An Aaliyah lover November 03, 2013
A Pretty Girl With Outstanding Talents . Can Sing Very Well And Has Low Self Esteem . She've Been Hurt So Many Times . Heart Broken Into Many Peices. She Doesnt Trust Her Heart With Anybody . She Has Alot Of Friends , Doesn't Mean Their All Real . She Tries To Be Nice To Everybody . But Many People Stabs Her In her Back . She Is A Very Nice Person But If You Rub Her Off In The Wrong Way She Can Get Really Mad . She Is A Very Smart Student And Is A Really Caring Person . She Will Make Sure She Gives You 90% Of What She Has And Only Have A Little Bit For herself .
- Damn , Look At Aaliyah Over There .
by LiliMonroee December 17, 2013
A name for female, Meaning is artistic , beautiful, coincided about her beauty, dress attire on fleek
Aaliyah's beauty is outstanding to other female she is a role model to young women.
by Stephantie January 06, 2015
Aaliyah is name of someone beautiful! This gorgeous angel is prettier than us all and is absolutely perfect. Likely to become a Victoria's Secret model, due to her sensual body. A teaser, yet a virgin. If you are ever lucky enough to meet an Aaliyah- ask for a lap dance! If she's feeling sexy, she will agree. This girl is sooo hot and sooooo sweet, you will want her desperately. But she is always out of reach. A gift to us all, we cherish Aaliyahs
Girl: You look distant
Guy: Yeah, I ran into an Aaliyah yesterday. I'm still on a trance
Girl: But I thought you liked me!?!?
Guy: yeah, but that's just because I can't have Aaliyah!!
by CocoaSugar February 11, 2014
Aaliyah was beautiful she had a nice smile.she worked with r kelly as a teenager,she made her ablum age ain't nothing but a number and then made one in a million,and her last ablum Aaliyah and she went go shoot rock the boat and she died in a horrible plane crash rip Aaliyah Dana haughton
Aaliyah was beautiful no one will take her place because she was one in a million
by Charlize James October 19, 2013
she's is nice,funny,and lovable she has more than 9 best friend is looking for true love
have you heard that Aaliyah broke up with a fag?
by Aaliyah Seas November 26, 2014
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