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A Aaliyah is one of the cutest, sweetest, deepest, craziest girls out there. She's a one of a kind catch and is always there for you. She gives some of the best advice and is one of the best writers. A Aaliyah can make anyone smile or laugh at anytime of the day. Hold on to a Aaliyah if you have one!!!! She can easily captivate people from either sex, but usually never realizes it. But, watch out if you cross her she will bite back.
Friend 1: Hey I saw a really sweet girl today who got my boyfriends attention
Friend 2: Oh, she must be name Aaliyah
by LilFalcon January 19, 2012
Named after it's 'discoverer', the Alisanto Effect is when you pour your first glass from a bottle, and then a second, noticing the first appeared to take more liquid out of the bottle.
Friend 1: What the hell? I poured the same amount for both!

Friend 2: Don't worry dude, it's the Alisanto Effect
by Lilfalcon March 11, 2014

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