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Arabic word used to express frustration or anger. The "7" is a gutteral "h" sound. It sounds like an exgagerated Sherlock Holmes "aha!". Its literal meaning is the sound of a woman's orgasm. This sexual background is responsible for making "a7a" considered to be vulgar. But "a7a" is loyally used by many Egyptian teenagers and young adults. While "a7a" is used mostly in Egypt, it is attracting a small following in other Arab countries as well.

One can reply to an "a7a" by saying "a7atein" (literally: two "a7a"'s).
"a7a I missed my bus"
"a7a that khawal stole my wallet"
"a7a I can't believe this shit"
#a7a #a7atein #damn #fuck #shit
by Michael Shisha Master October 04, 2007
an egyptian word for ( wtf )
a: fuck man my mother threw a knife at me
b: a7a
#a7a #zebby #fakes #egypt #wtf
by vodca333 December 13, 2009
A7A is a short for أنا حقاً اعترض which mean in English : I really objected .
& It is one of the most famous words in Egypt :)
Speaker 1 : Are you gay ?
Speaker 2 : A7A !
#sex #egypt #curse #thawra #famous
by Shenf December 04, 2011
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