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n. A massive error on one's part, usually involving a last second decision that drastically alters the situation.
That guy took a bullet for me, and I was wearing a bullet-proof vest...totally a poops mcgee!
by The Jrab December 19, 2005
Deficating in the tank of one's toilet, producing brown, smelly, discolored water each time the toilet is flushed. Also known as an "Upper Deck".
Grant is such a jerk, I took a Poops Mcgee in his bathroom.
by dorsal finn January 04, 2006
When your dancing at a club and a woman asks you to dance, you straight pull your pants off and poop into her mouth and on her feet making her slide around and then you prooceed to call her a "poops mcgee"
"Dude I was out with my boys and I gave a girl a poops mcgee" says Jim

Tom then says "Nice bro"
by the Roflsaur October 13, 2005
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