Laying back on the couch, with your girlfriend or best buds, enjoying a large greasy pizza and cold michelob light, while watching a good movie on the tube.
"We just sat in the room and drank beer, ate pizza, watched a movie; you know, a good time."
by Jcdenton November 10, 2003
Top Definition
can be used as sarcasm for a terrible day, or series of events.
i woke up late, my car broke down, and i got fired. i'm having a good time.
by jmv August 16, 2005
stuff that goes on after marriage.
Mel and Calvin after getting married will have a good time.
by ROFLMAFO February 18, 2008
having a good meal, some good drinks, and getting laid on the same night. (when your favortie football team wins the super bowl)
we had a good time
by pussy December 15, 2003
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