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The act of stealing, using and blatantly denying use of intellectual property of another being who is often times less witty.
Todd: Shit I'm gonna define zuckerberging on urban dictionary.

Stan: Damnit that was my idea asshole.
by TheGlueGunner February 15, 2012
To freak out in an interview when girls are mentioned.

Acting weird or awkward at the mention of women.
Dude john was totally zuckerberging when his mom asked him about his girlfriend
by PG96 December 26, 2011
The act of talking so incredibly fast as to not have any understandable words in your sentence or to be able to ruin most of the dialogue scenes in The Social Network
Woah slow down man your completely zuckerberging too fast
by notfriendsonfacebook February 18, 2011
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