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1. an adjective in describing the exactitude of uncompromisingly cool shit, pimp shit, or awesomely ill shit (see money, on point, or dope).

2. a noun meaning money

Originally coined in the 3rd season of "The Office" (episode 18, 'The Negotiation') by Steve Carrel's character Michael Scott.

"MICHAEL: Bippity boppity, show me the zoppity".

Craig Robinson's character Darryl Philbin admits to teaching Michael imaginary "black man" slang.

In episode 19, 'Safety Training', of the same 3rd season:

"MICHAEL: I’m giving everyone a little bit of a treat. We are going to listen in on Darryl’s presentation in the warehouse and if I know Darryl, it’s gonna by zoppity".
MILDLY DRUNK FRIEND #1: "This grilled cheese sandwich is so damn zoppity"!

MILDLY DRUNK FRIEND #2: "Not as zoppity as these ketchup chips"!
by 1800LAZERFACE January 19, 2010
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