A rune in Diablo 2: LoD, noted for being damn near impossible to find. Renders any item into which it is socketed indestructable. Usefulness, except as a trading item was diminished in the 1.09 patch, when socketing a zod into something would reduce the durability of the item to zero. Supposedly, the reason this was discovered in 1.09 was that Blizzard managed to get a patch out before someone could find one. Yes, they are that rare, or at least seem to be.These can go for many dozens of SoJs, and even dozens of real-life dollars.
"Man I'm tired. I spent five hours straight doing cow runs looking for a Zod rune."
by Deuce on Guard August 14, 2003
Top Definition
Introduced in Superman II, General Zod was a traitor to Superman's homeworld of Krypton and participated in the series of events that forced Krypton's destruction. Also, Zod is totally bad-ass.
"Son of Jor-El... KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!"
by Aaron Silvers August 14, 2005
abbreviaviation for Zone of Discretion. A time and place when it is improper to discuss certain objects, events or people. As a verb it serves as a warning that whatever is being discussed is about to be heard by someone not meant to hear. The imperative is "Z.O.D!", and is used as a warning. When the Z.O.D. is invoked the discussion of that topic must end immediately.
Argy and K-hole are talking about a slut at school. As Argy gets ready to describe her terrible B.O., the slut approaches from behind Argy. K-Hole says "I think you should Z.O.D. that."

K-Hole is discussing his love of blowing up frat boys cars and scooters while walking down the street while passing a cop not seen by K-Hole. Argy says "Z.O.D. that for later."
by El Sadado May 03, 2007
Baddie in Superman.
Son of Durrell kneel before Zod!
Zod!Not god!
by ming April 23, 2003
an eccentric or obnoxious person
Don't be such a zod.
by The Return of Light Joker August 27, 2008
Ninjas Of Zod. Kick ass clan.
NOZ just slaughtered your whole f#^&!$% team!!!!!!!!
by Legend December 31, 2004
A fat acne ridden nerd that only does bgs from the moment he gets up, until 7 am in the morning
Iamzod: "bgs?"
by Mitzter June 19, 2015

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