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1.A word that can be placed anywhere to mean anything.
2. a word used to replace raunchy language
1.That beard is totally zemu!
2. Imma kick you in the zemu!
by Zanawaki January 07, 2010
2 1
1)An ownage RuneScape player who likes to use the words "Pns" and "No u" as well as being known to have an unreliable internet connection and uses a very rare language 'moose speak' (2) Also is used to describe someone who loves to eat tortellas.
(1)(Dude1)"ffs dood!, laik i just disconnect & died at rock lobsters wif all my stoof" | "Wow, Get your net fixed you Zemus!" (2)(Guy1) "OMFG DUDE I'M HAVING A TORTELLA FOR LUNCH!" | (Guy2) "Wow, Never knew you were a Zemus"
by Jar_ February 28, 2009
2 7