Top Definition
1.A word that can be placed anywhere to mean anything.
2. a word used to replace raunchy language
1.That beard is totally zemu!
2. Imma kick you in the zemu!
by Zanawaki January 07, 2010
1)An ownage RuneScape player who likes to use the words "Pns" and "No u" as well as being known to have an unreliable internet connection and uses a very rare language 'moose speak' (2) Also is used to describe someone who loves to eat tortellas.
(1)(Dude1)"ffs dood!, laik i just disconnect & died at rock lobsters wif all my stoof" | "Wow, Get your net fixed you Zemus!" (2)(Guy1) "OMFG DUDE I'M HAVING A TORTELLA FOR LUNCH!" | (Guy2) "Wow, Never knew you were a Zemus"
by Jar_ February 28, 2009

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