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An annoying person. Especially one who has little self awareness.
Ugggh, that guy is so annoying. He's SUCH a ZARD!

It was extremely zardly having to hang out with Dave all night.

Dave really zarded Taft when he was drunk the other night.
by Winnifred80 November 17, 2009
When work productivity at a business is devastated by the discovery of something that wouldn't normally be interesting outside of work. This is usually a simple flash game or something to do with wi-zards. This is not the same as getting facebooked, which is a constant loss of productivity.
Our productivity got Zarded.

Your tech team
by the little wizard November 05, 2010
Slang or shorthand for wizard
That boys got some crazy skills
Yeah, he's some cool zard
by anon January 02, 2004
(n) An organic connection between seemingly desparate objects, ideas, or concepts (neologism), derived from the shorthand for wizard and their ability to conjure up objects from incantations or to see the relationships of current conditions to future events.
The old bromide, "debtor today, slave tomorrow" is a zard
by ManlyGeek June 26, 2009
scruff mcgruff the crime dog's word for a stranger, criminal, publc threat, etc.
billy: who is that guy outside of our house?
tommy: i don't know. he must be a zard.
billy: hurry up and lock the door i don't want a zard to get me man.
by eugene keen December 12, 2006
A complete smeghead on quakenet
19:27 <Derobrash> you'd video tape your own mum?
19:27 <zard> done it before
19:27 <Derobrash> :o
19:28 <Derobrash> she any good for pr0n?
19:28 <zard> I didn't watch it
19:28 <zard> I'm not some sicko
by anon January 02, 2004
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