The act of pleasuring a woman by inserting a 9 volt battery into her vagina, delivering a shock of happiness.
Dude, I gave my girlfriend a zapper last night and she hella liked it.
by Chiun Lang Pow September 27, 2007
Top Definition
a remote control
My friend Stacey called the remote a zapper, thats dumb
by Tatanka September 09, 2003
a handheld device used to operate a television set or other electronic device from a distance. Pittsburghese
"Hand me the zapper so I can change the channel."
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
When a person takes a battery (usually a 9 volt) and inserts it into a womans vagina delivering a shock of pleasure, but mostly pain. She might not like it but her reaction will be funny as fuck.
Dude I gave my girl a zapper last night and she almost fell off the bed in surprise.
by Chiun Lang Pow September 25, 2007
1.a remote controller, usually one for a television

2.a person who constantly changes the television channel
Put the zapper away when you are done with it.
by The Return of Light Joker January 22, 2009
It when a guy goes down on girl and is licking her clit and puts one finger in
her ass and 2 in her crotch!
don't have one
by rsonee February 19, 2004
using your middle and index finger in the vagina of you partner while inserting your pinky in her rectum for sexual pleasure

i.e. two in the pink one in the stink
billy grabbed her hair, spit in her mouth and gave her a zapper.
by Redbush January 05, 2006
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