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A Zade is a remarkably unique individual who despite a lack of quantitative stature, and an inability to refuse chocolate, continues to prevail as one of the most outstanding human beings known throughout the social hierarchy. A Zade is pure, kind and rarely shows evidence to weakness; A Zade is competent
"Oh my! You must be a Zade!" or "I wish some how I was lucky enough to be with someone like a Zade."
by Oranget January 28, 2009
A sexy beast, who often times is full of himself. He could get ladies, but doesn't try. He loves only one person at a time.
That guy is soo sexy! He must be a Zade!
A name for someone who will always care about you if they tell you that they love you. They will always stand by your side, and if you ever hurt them, you'll probably never find out. They always hope that their special person is always thinking of them, and when they find out the ugly truth, their voice usually becomes monotone and act apathetic.
Zade: So what are you doing?

Special person: Thinking of Andrea.

Zade (apathetic): That's nice.
by Lazero September 01, 2008
Similar to dapper. Usually said of a man and means - neat and trim in dress and appearance. A well-dressed or sharply dressed man.
He is looking so zade.
by pst_tcc April 01, 2014
Look at that zade, he's a mexican
by Not Jimi July 20, 2011
A once amazing runescape player who has since retired. Was one of the co-leaders to the greatest pure clan of all time. Now he has a life and lives happily ever after.
Wow we just got pooned by "zade".
by Tyson Flores February 02, 2008