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XD No longer.

ZD! It's start the revolution!

ZD is as XD but X less Z more.
Yes, the dog is funny. ZD.
by ZD April 08, 2005
The new word for XD, because XD is so old skool
OMG HAHAHA! That is so freakin' funny! ZD
by PGN January 06, 2005
A replacement for xD, which is an emoticon.
You: that is so funny!
me: zD
by ScottMatHOJ September 19, 2008
An Internet/instant-messaging term used to describe silly spelling mistakes or typos.

When a person does something by mistake which makes them seem stupid or clumsy.

Derived from the common mistake of attempting to type an "XD" face, but instead typing "ZD" while instant messaging or texting.
Eg. 1
"I can't find my keys..."
"Dude, they're right here! Are you ZD?"

Eg. 2
Typer 1: I know lol xd xd
Typer 2: xd? I think you mean... ZD ZD? :P
by StarShyn April 11, 2011
A term used in the event that one, or others around oneself are humiliated. Usually used to express ones regret at being humiliated, or by ones friends to show amusement at anothers humiliation.
1.)Dang, I was getting out the car & I got z'd by the door.

2.)I asked this one girl out to dinner & she z'd me.
by Joe Vazquez February 16, 2006
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