People who excercise their god-given right to be hostile.
Z-Unit is in da hood! D'arbyJ can suck Moose's dick!
by Ender January 18, 2004
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An oz of any drug although usually pertaining to marijuana. Note: A Z unit containes 28 G units.
"yo how much is it for a z unit?"

"whattup homie can I cop a Z unit?"
by wza August 05, 2005
Way better than that other poser unit. What do they call themselves? G-unit or some shit like that.
#z-unit #g-unit #awesome #gangsta #elliot lake #canada #snowboarding #jesse #pimp #sorry i was in the zone
by Jesse/Gangsta snowboarder November 01, 2008
Anti-zombie militia in case of a zombie apocalypse.
when the zombie apocalypse occurs, you better be in the z-unit.
#zombie #apocalypse #z-unit #militia #2012
by petardthegreat June 23, 2009
Girls that live in the Z-unit of Copper Beech apartments.
"those girls that live in z-unit are the shit"
#units #super fly #y-unit #group #gang
by Tyler Snoap November 10, 2006
A congregation of men or women who are fuelled by the capitalist concept of survival for only the strongest and subsequently act in ways to succeed through all means, illegal or otherwise. They accept no insult and are always handy with a weapon.
The half-assed gangstas tried to strike a deal with Billy, not knowing that they were trying to muscle the most fearful member of the Z-unit.
by HabitualDamnation February 18, 2004
a group of individuals that follow the code of "self betterment through the downfall of others"
wow, there goes the Z-unit!
by dick potato October 02, 2003
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