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The word Yurluup is a noun with various meanings. It means yes, hey, hi , what's up, yo, and yup. Yurluup can mean whatever you make it and its a word generally used by me to show excitement.

The origin of the word Yurluup is simple.

Deshawn Harper of Philadelphia, created the word in his spare time. Extra bored and tired of using the same phrases as everyone else. He decided to create his own, so now Yurluup is in full effect. Yurluup!
Phone :
Person 1: Hey what's up
Person 2: Yurluup!

Regular convo:
Person 1: Hey , did you get those new sneakers you were talking about?

Person 2: Yurluup, of course i did.
by D.Harper August 31, 2009
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