A Yoga Cunt. Particularly the yoga studio receptionists. Like all people who end up on Yoga's door step as teachers and their helpers, they are lost, ill defined, failed at all other endeavors and angry. Their response is Yuntish behavior. Frequently Yunts date beanie boys (see Beanie Boy)
Why was that Yoga receptionist so snotty ? Oh... she's a Yunt and is angry about being ill defined and failed at all other endeavors.
by JohnnyCanuck2 July 23, 2009
Top Definition
A cunt who always finds a nitpicking reason to write a negative Yelp review.
I love this place but that Yunt gave it only one star because she expects 4 olives in her martini and only got three; I read a review from a Yunt who was mad because she had to wait 10 minutes to be seated during the dinner rush.
by Th0mas April 12, 2008
A young piece of cunt (young girl)
1,"Fuck man that was a fine blade you pulled last night!"

2, "Yea man, she was a tasty wee yunt!"
by charco9980 November 19, 2010
Used as slang for calling a young women a cunt, hence Yunt.
Damn Gina, you be a Yunt!
by TropicanaTwistr January 23, 2015
Yunt Is A Polite Way To Say the Word Cunt.

Named after Baseball Player, Robin Yunt.
"Tom is acting like a yunt."

"Her yunt is shaved and smooth."
by Hugenstein September 09, 2011
Young Urban Non-Talented, kind of an opposite of YUP or Yuppie. A young person who is urban, ie. living in a city, probably was born there, but who is not very clever.
He is handsome and usually nice boy, but such a yunt.
by Nikke June 11, 2007
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