Another Japanese cartoon that has become so popular that it spread to other parts of the world. Debuting in 1996 in popular Anime/Manga magazine, "Shonen Jump", by creator Kazuki Takahashi. Main character 'Yugi' must help his dark half, an Egyptian Pharoah who has lost his memory, save the world from dark evil that never seems to end. A 5,000 year old game has been linked to the present day in this popular Anime series which has hooked (mostly) boys from 6-17.

That's the clean and nice version. This is the original.

When originally published weekly in the magazine, Yugi and his small group of friends, Téa, Joey and Tristan, just try to get through life living in Japan while attending a private high school. Yugi seems to get involved in "adult" situations usually involving guns, gang violence, and sex, and has to find a way out. His other, dark, half comes out whenever he feels Yugi is in trouble and challenges his enemies to games where if they lose, they must play a "penalty game" where their life is changed to make them have a taste of their own medicine. That's what it was like in Japan, before it hit American Censors.

To anyone who feels this is just another Pokémon or other Anime, blame the censors, not Japan. And, to those who are knocking this HUGE hit, how many graphic novels have you read that make you know what the real story is? Don't knock it 'till you tried it.
Person 1: Hey, did you read Yu-Gi-Oh book 5 yet?
Person 2: Not yet, but I can't wait!
Person 3: You actually read that?
Persons 1 and 2: Yeah. Who in their right mind isn't reading "Yu-Gi-Oh!"?
by Mark-Defender of YGO! August 31, 2005
Top Definition
an extremely underrated card game that can be fun, but gets old fast. the show, on the other hand, sucks ass. but that's the american version. for all those people who say "it's the crappiest show ever", watch the japanese anime, the original version, on subtitles. it fallows a completely different storylinbe, and they play different games besides the card game.
*watches yugioh**.
"this show sucks!"
**watches japanese version**
"yay! better!"
by hhhhhhhh October 13, 2005
Show about kid who is possessed by a spirit (his other self) and kills people who piss him off.
d00d i'll get yugioh on ur ass if you dont shut up
by Billy June 22, 2003
Yu-gi-oh is a television/manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi which is also a popular card game. The original manga was published in Shonen Jump Magazine. The title Yu-gi-oh is a play on words in japanese. "Yugi oh" translated means "king of games" which is the alternate title in the english version. An alternate spelling in Japanese, Yujyo (taken from the first kanji of the main character Yugi Motou and one of his friends Joey Wheeler, Katsuya Jounouchi in the japanese version, alternate spelling Jyonouchi) means "friendship" which is a reoccuring theme in the series.
In the dubbing process alot has been cut out and changed to suit a younger audience (and make more money of the merchandising). The dubbed version of Yu-gi-oh is not a true representation of the story and it is better to watch the subtitled Japanese versions that are floating about out there or even read the manga.
Visit for more information on the yugioh trading card game.

by isabelle_inka_brock May 01, 2006
A Japanese animation show. The people who dubbed it really messed it up, but if you read the manga, or watch the Japanese version with subtitles, it's actually pretty good. The card game's fun. I play it and it takes a bit of thinking to win.
Yu-gi-oh is nifty. Everybody out there who judges this show by one episode of the badly edited North American version needs to shut up plzkthx. D:
by A|_ex July 16, 2004
Yu-Gi-Oh, although a brilliant anime and manga, is misunderstood by most North American lamers. Recently, uncut versions of the show were released, and have been selling like crazy. I was very happy when I found out they were making uncut versions. Anyway lamers, lets clear your lamer minds.

1. The English version sucks because it is badly dubber (although, the English track on the uncut DVDS is pretty good...though most of you probably watch it subbed anyway.
2. It is not a kids show. The unedited version of the show is rated PG to TV14 and the manga is rated teen.
3. The whole "OMG! JAPAN IS USING IT TO SELL US THEIR CRAP THING!!!!" is also lame, the real first season of Yu-Gi-Oh didn't invlove cards at all, but people liked the idea of the issue of the manga he did use them so he decided to use them more.
4. If you make fun of someone for playing this, you might as well go make fun of people for playing Halo and chess. THEY ARE FREAKING GAMES! Who cares if you don't like them? People like to have their fun.
Yu-Gi-Oh is a good anime/manga series if you look over lame stereotypes and give it a chance.
by tyrantyoshi March 15, 2005
An anime most people say they hate, before watching the Japanese version.

Watch the un-Americanized version of Yugioh before flaming it, you idiots!
by Rorii November 23, 2006
An anime that was hacked up and turned into 4Kids' latest kiddie cash cow.
"I will send your mind... to the SHADOW REALM!"
"Wait, you're going to kill him?"
by Rei August 23, 2003

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