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Massive testicles that barely fit inside your legs. They make you very uncomfortable as you're sitting down operating a vehicle. Doing simple everyday events you often accidentally give yourself a tapper due the large size. Also, in party settings, a game can be played called "King of the Yuds". This is a free-for-all fight where the last man standing is crowned "King of the Yuds".
Every time I sit on the toilet I have to rest my big yuds on the seat.
by toph_daddy November 10, 2011
Yud is a general nickname which is commonly used for people with the name Yulander
A person: Hello yulander may i call you YUD
Yulander: Certainly!
by Noobynewby March 18, 2007
Yud is a term usually to deter ignorance, or general incompitance and insubordination, or just plain idiocy / something that you dislike

If you are yudded, you know you've done something wrong

goon #1 : hi wt u up2
You: Yud

You: I think the band ### is great, they provide a great selection of music, and the drummer cannot be beaten!
Goon #2: nop
you: YUD!
by SimonSayers May 05, 2006