The first meaning is that some thinks they are super cool Sauve or just over confident and it turns out they are quite the oppisite. They are just plan full of crap and corny.

The Second meaning is that when someone has no confidence in something they have to or should do and you know they can do it, they are down on themself for no reason that you can see, then they are Yoy, or just plan old looking for attention. Then we add on Bag to make YoyBag a person Full or Yoyness

The third is just a plan old Goof Ball, silly, and you are Enjoying it.
Example # 1 - Like Bill Murray (Something McKraken)in the movie "King Pin" where he thought he was cool and Sauve but, he was Super Yoy, with that Swoop hair did that flowed the other way as he threw his ball down the lane and he thought he was Sexy.....A True Yoy Bag to the highest Level.

Example #2 - When you have a friend that is a really good artist and you think that they have the best talent around and they start doubting themselves. It could be the low self esteem factor or that they really want attention.
Friend " I do not think I should even enter the competition because I will only lose"
You: Oh, Please, you know you have a good chance, you are a Yoy Bag
by Yoyina June 29, 2006
Top Definition
An expression of disbelief or surpise
oh yoy! did you see that?!
by maza February 26, 2003
the distinctive sound Doctor P makes in his tracks
*bass* YOY *bass*
by bax your mum October 01, 2010
Misspelling of yoyo. But now some use it instead of yo.
Tuna: YOY
Johan: YOY!1
by Arran Fortuna January 20, 2009
There are several meaning to the word yoy

1.) A word that can be used while having sexual intercourse
example of this would be...

While making intense sweaty love to your partner, he/she yells out "YOY" or "Oh YOY ME"

2.) Replaces the F word.
Example of this would be little max fails a bio test because he didnt study.

"YOY" he yells out in frustration

3.) Can be used when somebody says something that contains a sexual reference
for example a woman states her anger with the hot dog stand by saying

some random woman- "These wieners are too big."

little max- "Yoy"

4.) Can be used to state a feeling. This could be when your tired, sad, happy, angry, ect

the tone vary's on the feeling
****When you say the word yoy you must vary in pitch.
make sure to elongate the O sound. ****
by yoyme December 08, 2010
A word used to express agreement or satisfaction with either a statement, question, or idea. Can also be used simply to express excitement.
Slim Jim: Hey Fat Joe... is this bud dank or what?

Fat Joe: Yoy!
by Toke-A-Tron November 29, 2010
A joyful greeting or goodbye. Can also be used to describe any action.
yoy! how are you today.
yoy.. that is a bummer :-(
by yoymaster September 08, 2004
why,oh, why

Normally used by people who are in shock, not just teen girls. So people stop saying girls use all the abbrievations.
omg you dated him again!!!! yoy?!
by thtrechik202 June 21, 2007
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