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literally "Your mother". A derivation of yo mamma, used as a joke insult for any occasion. It doesn't have to make any sense at all and can be part of a phrase. Often used in a sexual context.
Bob: What'd you do last night?
Bill: Your Mother.

Bob: What did you think of that movie?
Bill: Your Mother

Bob: I'm getting tired of this.
Bill: Your Mother didn't get tired last night.
by Insert name here September 25, 2004
a comeback used in an argument when one can't think of anything better to say
your mother!
by you ma duh April 03, 2003
A response for when there's nothing left to say in a conversation; quite funny when used at the right time.
Joe: So, what did you do last night?
Bob: Your mother.
by Mer October 17, 2003
The most hidious monstrosity the seven hells has unleashed upon this world to consume us all and send our souls straight to hell to be Satan's urinal.
Damn man, your mother is self explanatory.
by Your Momma In A Two Piece December 13, 2004
A Way to shut up your opponent in an argument
Guy: Ohh my god you are a prick
Other Guy: Your Mother
Guy: . . . .
by TheBullet September 16, 2004
the white version of saying "yo mama"
black kid: yo mama biatch!!!!!!
white kid: well!...well!..your mother is so fat she weighs a lot!
by J 0 K A September 26, 2005
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