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This is derived from the two english words: Mount and Mister.

Mount referring to the direct reference of a massive, large mass. Mister referring to the male who is being portrayed in this context.

Yountmeister is simply a mister who has a mountain of girls.
1> Why sir! what a plentiful mountain of women you have there!

2> aye.

1> you sir, are indeed a yountmeister!

2> aye.

3> gulp.
by Woofless August 02, 2010
1. Smooth ladies man who knows how to get in the pants of anything. 2. One who guys wanna be and the ladies wanna be with.
Wow you really are a yountmeister.
by Keepin it P.I.M.P May 12, 2007
Smooth dude who knows how to get into any girls panties. Someone who has a rep of being a P.I.M.P
man look at him with all those ladies on his arms, hes a yountmeister.
by Ayount May 16, 2007

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