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1) A video that is able to be uploaded to YouTube.
2) A video worthy of being uploaded to YouTube.
3) A video that can be found on YouTube.
1) Dad: "I just took some digital video of the dog doing a deuce. Is it YouTubeable?
2) Son: "Technically most videos are, dad, but while it's YouTubeable, it's not exactly YouTubeable, nawmsayin'?
3) Mother: "What is this YouTube you speak of? Can I watch my favorite old episodes of Falcon Crest on this amazing new service?"
Son: "Uh... You can look for that, mom, but by and large I think that show is just too old to be YouTubeable."
by Transformers3People0 October 14, 2010
8 1
(Yoo-toob-ahh-bull) adj 1. When your video is uploadable to youtube. Videos that are too big or too long are not youtubeable. The maximum size for a video is 100 megabytes and 10 minutes.
Angela: I have been recording for 15 minutes now!
Tina: Stop recording so long or the video won't be youtubeable!!!
by Tina Bobina December 16, 2006
45 16
A video that is uploadable to youtube due to its awesomeness.
"I just made a video of me and my cat. Want to see?"
"Dude, that video is not youtubeable"

"He hasn't made any videos that are youtubeable"
by Xanthrun June 25, 2007
10 9
To be able to be found on . Any video that is or should be on .
Video's of people doing weid stuff with their pets. :

"That video you have of your dog riding the skateboard is so Youtube-able."
by Kempster March 29, 2009
1 2