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A once great website that is dying. A place where you can share your videos and comment on others, it used to be good until it got filled with annoying ads,vevo, copyright and stupid comments that make lame jokes about the dislike bar on a certain video somehow being related to justin biebers penis, these comments mostly end with what is quite possible the most annoying thing ever to be written on a website: thumbs up if you agree. Many comments contain spam such as: the whole Movie can be found on my channel check it out!
Example of lame comment: justin bieber is gay, thumbs up if you agree! xD

Example 2
Man 1: hey did you see that new 50cent music video on YouTube?
Man 2: nah,didnt bother, it was on a vevo page.
by Noclue123 July 13, 2011
15 2
Yet another sight for procrastination...
I'm too busy on Youtube and Urban Dictionary to finish that report.
by ForeverYoung36 March 09, 2011
13 0
A website that is renovated every other day.
Josh: Hey man, have you ever been on YouTube?
Louis: Yeah, isn't that the website that changes itself every fucking day and forces you to sign up for Google+?
by SlutVista February 28, 2014
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A once awesome website that, after partnering with Google, goes through an annoying, unnecessary ass redesign every week.
John: Yo, did you see YouTube's new update?

Mike: Yeah, it's about as ugly as a herpes ridden vagina that just went through childbirth.
by Prof. Goldman December 08, 2012
10 0
The heart of the internet.
Youtube was down the other day. I nearly had a heart attack.
by purfekt spellur November 23, 2009
16 6
A video sharing site that was made by three PayPal employees, then bought over by giant Google a few years ago. Where viral videos are usually made and uploaded, YouTube is great... if you don't mind the constant racial/sexual slurs, negative comments and spam the community gives.

YouTube's community used to care about making videos. Now, it's just a battle of getting "thumbed up" if "this video is gay"
*uploads "SUPER DUPER MEGA FUN VIDEO" to YouTube

youtuber123: omg wat teh hell iz diz!!? DISLIKE


moneymaster: omg fuk u i culd beet ur smawl vag1na u nub

Asdfmovierox0: dis vid sux thumbz up if uu agre

udisgay: thumbz up if urban dickstionarie is gai and im a noob
by Well I'm Not You, Am I? April 29, 2011
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Probably the most popular video sharing network. Unfortunately it has been taken over by music videos. Now the most viewed video of all time is girlfriend. People don't realize that Youtube is a place for original content and ideas.
YouTube is for original ideas
by Tyler of clubs April 08, 2009
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