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Used to be a great Website until Google took over ownership and now there's nothing but bullshit adds on every video. Terrible page layouts and fagot 11 year olds who think that asking for a subscription will make them an internet sensation in a week.
Man ever since 2009 when the Youtube page layout changed, things started going downhill. Now there's nothing but assholes commenting and messaging me about their gay page that lacks videos. Also these ads make it seem like a year before a video plays.
by I-sack_1200 July 16, 2011
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A completely fun waste of time where you can favorite videos that have nothing to do with anything.
I upload my kick-butt amvs on YouTube
by Myri May 09, 2010
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YouTube is a video hosting site launched in 2005. It has gone way downhill nowadays. It was bought by Google in 2006.
Now it's been taken over by retarded kids (not me, retarded 15-year-olds) with webcams, no sense of internet humor, and ranting about how they hate you.
Don't even get me started on the 5-year-olds whose parents don't watch what they are doing...
Thankfully, there are some non-retarded people on YouTube.
YouTube used to be the shit. Now it's just shit.
by The Ninja Cat March 11, 2012
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Probably the most visited internet website in the world. It is a great tool to share and watch practically any sort of audio or video material (except for Prince related stuff since the guy still lives in the 80s and mistakenly thinks music can survive without the internet). It's also useful for sharing your opinion and argue about any matter with people around the world.

Despite its great benefits as an expression media, it is also a place were retarded people with a pathetic life come to insult people they don't even know to throw at them their own trash.
YouTube video: "The Avengers trailer".

Person 1: Wow!!! This movie looks awesome
Person 2 to Person 1: Yeah!!! I want to see it as well, it's gonna rock.
Person 3 to Person 1: You're an idiot, The Dark Knight Rises will be much better, you have no idea on good movies.
by Mazmorrero January 05, 2012
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A video uploading sights that involves gameplay commentary, fake porn videos with sexy thumbnails that get 10000000 views, an orgasm of OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!!! internet memes. and a shit ton of music with lyrics or a video that gets anally raped by GOOGLE if the video isent uploading by VEVO or 4chan regardless of disclaimer notifications.
Youtube: "Broadcast Yourself......unless it has copyright laws that we dont allow and has anything at all to do with sexism racism classism capitalism fascism communism oppinions democracy sex naughty words or breathing"
by whateverssss June 10, 2011
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One of the most popular websites in the world where people can make aggressive insults and off-topic comments to each other and watch annoying advertisements.

Also occasionally used for watching videos.
I always go to YouTube for intellectual debates.
by zeus64 March 16, 2011
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A website where you can post videos so people around the world to see them, but what used to be to be a great website has now become a breeding ground for trolls and spammers.

Home to:

1. Fangirls
2. People who debate on everything from marijuana to guns, religion, ect., usually on videos that involve none of those things.
3. Spammers
4. People who try to spite everyone who has an opinion.
1. crazyobsessedfangirl21: ZOMG!!! I LUV 1D!!! NIELL IZ SOOO HAWT!!!
verysmartuser73: I don’t care for these guys but this song is pretty catchy.
crazyobsessedfangirl21: ZOMG!!! FUK U!!! UR GUST JELLY CUZ DEY CAN SING AN R WAY HAWTR DAN U!!!
verysmartuser73: You’re the reason why fangirls shouldn’t exist.

2. politcalguy82: I believe marijuana should be legal.
debater99563: Banning guns violates the second amendment.
religiousperson6362: GOD EXISTS!!!!
verysmartuser73: Why is everyone debating on a cat video???

3. spammerwhore78234: check out this website out! <3<3<3<3<3
verysmartuser73: People like you are polluting YouTube.

4. verysmartuser73: Pretty good but I prefer other music over this.
stupididiot793001: shut up u justin beiber-listening faq.
verysmartuser73: That’s it. I have lost all hope for humanity.
by cheeseperson12 March 09, 2013
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