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by jpeezyyy August 18, 2010
A far away, mystical land created by the governor of Muffin World-ville in order to avert the attention of the evils that lurk in our minds. Evil things such as free-thinking or intelligent ideas, or thoughts of any kind. While your brains are melting from watching you-tube, you will not have to worry about realizing whats happening in the world and become a bad person. This, hopefully, will be the end of unhappy stagnentness in life as we know it!
Johnny Everymann just finished watching some several clever youtube video's on his home computer system. He then decides to stay home during the big meteor shower that his family wanted him to see. The time spent at home will consist of him sitting at the computer chair flipping back and forth from youtube to the newest addition to his favorite porn sites while eating a bag of chex mix, bold party blend and drinking a 2 Liter bottle of the last Pepsi Blue that he saved.
by Bob and Alyssa April 29, 2007
Yout can post vids, earn subscribers, even becom famous!
Dude, whattthebuck on youtube rock!

OMG have you seen Sarahxxlou on youtube?
by xxbonbonsxxxrockerxx January 16, 2009
a place on the internet where passive aggressive kids go to rant politics, religion, racism, strong opinions, hate and anything too upsetting to rant in public. many go here to offend others without making themselves vulnerable because they're behind the safety of their computer screen. some go here to masturbate. kids feel a sense of freedom to say anything they like on youtube. oh yeah, they show videos too.
youtube is for a bunch of angry, depressed kids trying to get off by offending others because they're too passive to do it in person.
by eazy-x February 07, 2008
Cat videos.

Oh. And other shit.
"When I'm sad I watch videos of cats sleeping on Youtube."
by Monsterbunny October 13, 2014