A crazy bitch who holds her boyfriend by the balls.
"dude, your girlfriend is such a yoko ono. you need to break up!"
by MissMissie November 11, 2012
That old bitch who hounded Lennon until he broke up the Beatles, the dirty skank.
"Hey did you see that nude shoot that Yoko Ono and Lennon did?"


"Yeah, I wish I hadn't... why, Lennon... why?!"
by degree7 September 27, 2009
verb: to screw up a good thing.
man, the girlfriend of his is going to Yoko Ono his driving skills in his upcoming race.
by dave anderson October 31, 2004
an adjective used to describe someone who destroys something great.
Courtney Love was Nirvana's Yoko Ono.
by Sgt. Pepper May 10, 2005
An evil woman that breaks up a great rock band
Yoko Ono is an evil woman that breaks up a great rock band
by Mat Paget May 05, 2007
Fucked up bitch,who both killed john lennon and broke up the beatles/greatest band in the world. If any body dissagrees, they are a bunch boner biting, cock sucking, mother fucking, cumsuckin, assholes
fucked up bitch hohjlsagulagulheulaefeuaolfhurwlaghlwa
by Ian Shetron February 28, 2005
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