"You Only Die Once", a way to show people who say "YOLO" how stupid saying this is.
"John: yo! let's get wasted, I mean YOLO right?
Dave: YODO too, and it's much more likely if you're wasted."
by gabe100000 April 18, 2012
Acronym for "You Only Die Once"
Romeo: "I'll die a million times for love"
Juliet: "Yodo, dude"

Antonym of YOLO
by allidoisnguyen May 08, 2012
You only die once so make sure you are either doing something worth dying for or you just make your death a huge spectacular wonder.
Man 1: "Bro, bet you won't jump off this cliff"

Man 2: (Runs off) "YODOOOO!!"
by TOE-STER April 28, 2012
A comeback for yolo. "You only die once."
Phil: Hey, Mark! You wanna go play Russian Roulette? Yolo!
Mark: Yodo...
by BrunoBraun April 26, 2012
You. Only. Die. Once. The alternative to the popular yet more annoying phrase YOLO. It means the same thing, and was created because, lets be honest YOLO is overused and is annoying as fuck.
Taylor-"Hey you wanna rage tonight bro?"
Johnny-"I Don't know... i got work in the morning"
Josh-"Dont be a pussy"
Johnny-"Ah fuck it... YODO!!"

"You only die once thats the motto nigga YODO"
by Big E 1253 May 06, 2012
YODO stands for 'You Only Die Once.' Sometimes used as a comeback for YOLO 'You Only Live Once.' Often used in internet humour.
-I wanna jump off this cliff idec, YODO!!!
-You shouldn't smoke 'YOLO.' Comeback: 'YODO!
by JulezthatRules May 04, 2012
Short for You only die once. Used when you're about to do something you can regret, but change your mind. Opposite of Yolo.
Person 1:"I'm serious about stealing that car"
Person 2:"Dude, don't, yodo"
by Foxdelta May 11, 2012

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