Abbreviation for you only die once.
Dave: YOLO
Darryl: No you live everyday. You only die once. YODO.
by DMEn January 06, 2014
You only die once.
if I ever get shot im gunna fall like that guy in the movie , YODO
by xbox is my life October 13, 2013
You Only Die Once.

Something to say before doing a crazy act in which you have a good chance of an epic death.
Jane - do you really want to bungee jump off that cliff with piranhas circling underneath it?
Laura - YODO!!! :D
by mister_e May 23, 2013
You only drop once

The state in which one will 'drop' a pill which known as a chemical substance (acid or speed), and will make the most of the night in the aftereffects of the substance.
person 1 "bro im gonna double drop"

person 2 "nah man the night is still young, yodo bro yodo"
by Goosecoq December 25, 2012
You Only Die Once.

What to say when some one uses the over used phrase YOLO.
Guy 1: I'm gonna ski without a life jacket! YOLO!

Guy 2: Yeah, well YODO, too.

Guy 1: huh?

Guy 2: You only die once, too.

Guy 1: ....
by yoda5317 June 09, 2012
you only die once...duh..
guy 1...yolo dude,,yolo
guy yodo you dumbass
guy 1..whats yodo mean?
guy 2,...get a life..
by youonlydieonce26 June 03, 2012
You Only Die Once; a counter-argument to the popular YOLO ("You Only Live Once").
"Bro, I'm going to down this bottle of vodka then go skydiving! YOLO," Brad said.
Later, Mike says, "Did you hear about Brad? He died in a skydiving accident. YODO."
by pantat May 10, 2012

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