Short for, you only die once. Often when people say Yolo, this is a good response because whatever they are saying yolo about could potentially kill them. Should be said with extreme judgement of those saying YOLO
Tom: Heyy Catherine! Want to try some of this coke I got from the dealer down the street?
Catherine: Yeah sure, YOLO!!
Jim: yeah..parttyyy YODO!!
by gargoyle12 April 30, 2012
You only die once

Something you say for a friend's eulogy
Friend 1: Dude Let's go man. Let's go get totally fucked up!! #yolo

*Gets AIDS and dies*

Friend 2: yodo, man, yodo.
by decaying excrement April 28, 2012
You only die once; used to mock people that say "YOLO."
1: I'm gonna jump off a cliff onto sharp rocks!
2: YODO man!
by skaskaskaskaskaska June 01, 2012
"Your Only Dyslexic Once" - Mike Surabian, Jack O'dea, Owen M
yo bro yodo
by Dyslexic person March 09, 2014
you only die once.
guy - imma jump off a cliff coz YODO.
by shutupmeg July 17, 2012
You only die once
my life sucks, yodo
by jakkkepotter March 26, 2012
Short for saying yo dog.
Yodo,I havnt seen you in a while.
by kyle March 21, 2005

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