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Yoddle is not a word at all. It is just a word that gets spelled wrong. This is the correct spelling. Yodel. There is a website that uses this yoddle. However, it is a search engine and has nothing to do with "Yodelling".
Yoddle me a song should say: Yodel me a song.
by J. Fitzgerald Flood April 13, 2006
The cute/preppy country girl's way of saying "yo".
'Yoddles, Mike! How ya doing?'
by Jess December 02, 2004
A greeting, like hi or hello, used mainly in MSN chats
A: Yoddle
B: How's you...
by TheMildertDuck April 29, 2005
A creature of the night that raises and grooms goats..Her Son is born with pubic hair head, and her daughter is babalicious
I knew a girl named Yoddle.
by Crazyballs January 04, 2005
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