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Short for "Yeviticus." A man of unearthly bone structure and modelesque features.
That Yev would make a beautiful homecoming queen.
by Josh October 21, 2003
8 9
Developed from the mind of my friend, yev is the gangsta word for love.
"I yev ya too"
" I yev ya lots"
by Natasha March 19, 2005
11 9
NIce looking females, Hot bitches, Fine ass ho's, Spectacular Poon, Girls that make you look twice.
"Damn, Nancy turned into a real yev."

"did you hear what I just said?"
-"sorry I was distracted by that yev"

"hey I just got into the bar(on the phone)"
-"Are there any yev's?"
"Two or three"
by Lepakawn March 17, 2009
5 8