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Matty Yeungy is a really cool person who holds four of the worlds best come backs
They are: My mummy said i was cute
My barbie doll can bash you up, i'm serious, it can bash me up, Dobbed on, Funny
by ?????????????????????????? November 16, 2003
A "person" who has abnormallly flat hair until the back where it sticks up.This strange most likely alien specimen is known to carry around a pink barbie lunch box
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
Yeungy Peungy Puddin and Pie
No one doez y he's a tri
One day when jackson went out to play
He kissed yeung cuz dey were gay
Jackson: I love u yeung
Yeung: I love u 2 jackson
by ~~~MICH~~~ October 15, 2003
Some really lame loser which is a trisexual and gets bashed up by girls and is really funni coz his not funni. Can also turn into a super oompa loompa.
(Is a Noun and Adjective)
e.g.(1) Hi Yeungy
e.g.(2) I'm not like yeungy
e.g.(3) Your a yeungy
by Oompa Loompa October 10, 2003
a very sad "it" hu seemz 2 adore pink barbie lunchboxes. it is gay n apparently also feelz da need 2 hold itz daddy's hand.
yeung:ma fav fings in da world??? ummmm....... dat wood b ma luvli pink barbie lunchbox n i realli luv holding ma daddy's hand.
by ?????? October 20, 2003
this thing is has an unknown gender which no body wants to really discover. is a total midget which is a girl basher, cept all the girls are much stronger than it. true fact: has hair sticking up 8cm and more. has been caught numerous times holding his dad's hand around the school area. leads a very sad life.
eg. daddy, daddy, i wanna hold your hand.
dad: here son/daughter, i want to hold your hand, here, gimme your hand.
yeung: daddy,I LOVE YOU, i wanna hold your hand forever.
by ¤chez¤ October 18, 2003
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