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a car that attracts girls
damn that car is a pussywagon
by ?????? March 11, 2003
marks from shooting up
did you see that guys trax?
by ?????? December 30, 2003
brunettes r sooooooo better than blondes! They r sophisticated n clever n know how 2 keep men happy n interested, UNLIKE some blondes who most of the time r boring n thick!
whoa....that brunette is soooo much nicer than that minging blonde!
by ?????? May 18, 2004
everything mixed together
by ?????? March 11, 2003
a very sad "it" hu seemz 2 adore pink barbie lunchboxes. it is gay n apparently also feelz da need 2 hold itz daddy's hand.
yeung:ma fav fings in da world??? ummmm....... dat wood b ma luvli pink barbie lunchbox n i realli luv holding ma daddy's hand.
by ?????? October 20, 2003
a guy that thinks hes gonna make varsity baseball
hey guys imma make varsity baseball.(laughing)
by ?????? March 08, 2005
somthing loud, ryhms, good for rotting brain and blowing out ear drums.
my music makes me gassy
by ?????? April 17, 2003
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