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3 definitions by ??????????????????????????

the Best harry potter carecter next to Luna Lovegood. played by Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter movies. Rupert Grint is hot.
hermione and roe will get married and hermione will work at hogwarts (headmistress) and ron will work in the three broom sticks (he isn't that smart) or he will be keeper in the english team. ron weasley.
by ?????????????????????????? October 29, 2005
Matty Yeungy is a really cool person who holds four of the worlds best come backs
They are: My mummy said i was cute
My barbie doll can bash you up, i'm serious, it can bash me up, Dobbed on, Funny
by ?????????????????????????? November 16, 2003
dog following scent of meat, or just plain pussy whipped!
that hoe got u like mushy!
by ?????????????????????????? February 24, 2003