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A term for lax bros, who are invincible on the lacrosse field. If you are lucky enough to associate with one, you can safely say that your life never went to waste. Originated from Glenelg MD.

Synonyms- Boss/Machine/Bro/Laxaholic /Laxer
"OHH $#@)* was that a yetch!?"

"Yes" *faints*
by J Gally March 08, 2011
8 4
Slang for the English word "yes".
Used to express aggrement or a positive responce.
I heard MC has a big Cock? "Yetch" he does. I have pictures. Would you like to see them. "Yetch" I sure would :D

Do you have an extra beer in the fridge? "Yetch", I do. Help yourself.
by Cmonster April 20, 2006
5 3